Reduce the seafood waste in the world


According to FAO, 35% of fresh seafood is lost every year, and one of the main reasons are logistics issues.

Fresh products have just few days to reach their final destination

Transport and logistics cause:

• Product loss
• Price drop (-30%)
• Image loss
• Impediment to reach new markets


What we offer?

Our proposal

  is a technological solution that extends shelf life up to 50% in fresh salmon and other seafood.

This development is based on Fishextend® technology, exclusively licensed to Innovai

Formulated with safe and natural ingredients

It is applied by spraying in the processing lines of fresh salmon and other marine foods.

No negative impact on color, texture or flavor

is a product that has been scientifically developed by Fishextend® under license from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and Fundación Copec UC

Scientific Support

Several tests in the laboratory and in the relevant environment guarantee that the product is capable of extending the shelf life of fresh salmon fillets by up to 50%, from 17 to 26 days.

Loreto Valenzuela

(Ph.D. Rutgers)
Technical Director Founder Fish Extend

Ricardo Pérez

(Ph.D. Imperial College London)
Scientific director

Wendy Franco

(Ph.D. UC Davis)
Scientific director

Laboratory technical team

“Invention Patent “SYNERGIC COMPOSITION FOR PRESERVING FRESH FISH AND SEAFOOD” PCT / CL2018 / 050018) Chile, Canada, USA, Europe.

Scientific publication : Benavides, S., Franco, W., Pérez-Correa, R., Valenzuela, L. (2021). Synergistic activity of antimicrobial agents in edible films: an improved alternative to extend the shelf life of fresh salmon filets (Submitted to publication)”

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